Friday, February 27, 2009

i do art

last night,because of the crappy astro,
i decided to do some art.
i miss drawing,painting and stuff
so i came up with this,

i also rewatched twilight.
gosh,vampires are 'my own brand of heroine'
i'm addicted.can't stop wanting them.
i've finished reading all the sequals.
really,really can't wait for the next,next,next movie.
if you like the movie,go buy the books.
they're so much better.

ps: can't wait to see the hottie jacob black.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

books anyone?

went to kl on tuesday coz daddy got some meeting.
we stayed at traders hotel. is so beautiful.
i love everything about it,the deco,the design,all.



wake up.wake up dear,

a trip to book wonderland(kinokuniya)

found some interesting books.
i'll come back later to purchase them.

then,it's the end of the day.

Monday, February 23, 2009


the instruction>>>
1)go to your photos folder in your computer
2)go to the 6th folder of photos
3)go to the 6th picture in the folder
4)put the picture in you blog and put
a description of it
5)invite 6 friends to join te challenge
6)link them and let them know they have
been challenged

a picture of mummy and daddy
getting married again.
extra activity while waiting for
the real bride to come. familia.
ayum(bro) and anhar became the best man
and maid of honour.
fun + happy day

ps:it's not fair coz it's not a photo
of me.hahaha

monkey in a cage

went to mydin to buy some stuff
with mummy and daddy.
then went to ssf with mummy while
daddy having some massage.

ps: gosh,ssf is really a heaven-made to me.

once inside,i can't stop gazing and touching all those beautiful
unfortunately,i dont have that much money.

the cage

sports news.haha

event : smart sports day
date : 21/2/2009
venue : stadium

note : we(me n ca) missed the marching event,
which was my main target of going.
they started early around 7.15 am
but,we managed to watch the chearleading one.
i'm still a fan ok.
oh,oh,the important thing was meeting aishah.
and i met some old fellows,habibah,kd,hafizah,arnie,shad,pik...
to may too mention.hahah.sorry guys.

next venue : mega
event : catch a movie

note : me and ca watched ong bak 2.
wah,the actions were superb.
yeah,i can be violence sometimes.
others watched the geng movie.
they're still a child emotionally eventhough they're an adult physically.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


new reading material.
still lock to vampires.hahaha
can't get enough of them.

oh,i'm also doing some marathon on grey's anatomy.
uhhh.i want to be a doctor.
but i'm not sure i can handle the
'no life' situation.

Monday, February 16, 2009

dinner with moms.haha

location: ms garden
function: petronita dinner
date: 14/2/2009

met almaz.

pretty.pretty kak anis.
she performed the hindustan dance??.haha
she's good.

the dinner was quite fun although there were some unexpected
things happen.let's keep it a secret huh.

done,home,time for sleep.

ps: i actually slept after finishing kyle xy season 2.hahaha

Sunday, February 15, 2009

new fringe.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


lousy valentine's,i would call it.

watching kyle xy in youtube.
thank god,coz i've been trying in other websites but no chance at all.
like zero.
i love youtube.
:) irresistable kyle xy too.

ps: happy valentines's day to all.enjoy.

Friday, February 13, 2009

be my valentine

malam nanti
ayuh kita menari
malam nanti


Thursday, February 12, 2009

my babies, :)

new wonderful babies,in place
add on smile :)

batik painting,painted by deaf people.


aktiviti keluar rumah
went to kp,jln2 with mummy.

misson set,failed.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

kisah bintang atau aku?

malam tadi
aku dongak ke langit
aku jumpa bintang sunyi
yang lain mati menyepi

kasihan bintang sunyi
kasihan bintang sunyi

bulan pun tak sudi

yang tinggal bintang sunyi
yang tinggal bintang sunyi.

makan itu sedap :)

menu semalam

-milk + garlic bread
-home made kebab(2)
-cheesy wedges
-kuey teow

wah,gemuk la.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

all that you know is nothing

your blood singing in my heart
your breath oxygenated my heart
your smile excersied my little weak heart

all that you know
except one thing

you leaving,
punch a dark-black hole in it.

Monday, February 9, 2009

ps: psttt,wait for my babies

event 1.
went to take my babies.
they are here already.

event 2.
went to take pic for license L.
nvm la.just a pic.

event 3.
went to carefour to buy some
my milk.essential. :D

current mood :

Senaraikan 5 hadiah yang anda impikan nikon or canon
3.tiket ke usa.

Alasan terhadap pilihan tersebut
1.suka,suka,suka amek gambar
2.mcm best.
3.i miss my aunt,uncle n cousins
4.mahu ke oversea.blh?
5.mahu jalan2,pusing2,saje2

5 Impresi terhadap orang yang diminati
1.dia ibarat teddy bear bergerak
2.dia pandai main gitar
3.dia pandai main piano
4.senyum dia...
5.dia kuat merajuk.haha

5 pekara hebat yang pernah di lakukan
2.main roller coaster di genting
3.jadi maskot kembara time hari sukan.hahaha.superwoman tu.
4.cinta :)
5.habiskan duit beratus-ratus sekelip mata.ooppss

5 ciptaan yang paling disukai (tak semestinya melibatkan teknologi) :)
4.matahari *_*

7 pekara yang paling dibenci
1.mereka yang hipokrit.mmg byk dlm dunia aku ni
3.lizard,snake n stuff
6.bila elektrik x ada time ngah maen computer.siot je.
7.kebosanan tahap melampau yang mengakibatkan makan menjadi hobi terkini

5 orang yang anda ingin berjumpa
2.aunt,uncle.cousins in usa.
3.aishah.(bola golek sama movie)
4.encik poskad.(kapan ya?)

Saya nak tag
sape2 yang lalu lintas sini sila buat jika rajin.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

books make me happy

sedang baca ini

edward ke mana ya?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

jangan memberi terlalu pada dia itu.aku?

sometimes,during my solitary moments
i just wish i'm there,not here
just there.

manusia di sini
kadang-kadang menyisih
aku bisu.

talking pictures.denga dgn hati bukan telinga. :)


location: pmc beserah
task: lecture and practical for L
happy time: aishah :),radix kola

final feeling: extra-happy *lompat-lompat

ps: i drove today and,and parked the car.hahahaha.

Friday, February 6, 2009

god,we're late!

and so we went to bowling mega after maghrib.
when we reached there,none of my daddy's staff could be seen.
my dad reread the msg that was sent to him and guess what,
it was clearly stated that the game is to be held at bowling ktn plaza.
gosh,kind of pissed off.coz igt kalo mls nk maen bowling,
can go strolling around or cath a movie.

we rushed to ktn plaza:
1)my dad is the boss,so supposely to arrive early
2)my dad likes to be an early bird.

we went up the parking lot,pusing2 then sampai.
most of my dad's staffs were already there.

then the game started.i decided not to bowl coz most of them are
oldies plus i'm not such a good bowler.

and the result,daddy played quite a good game.
he's quite a good bowler.
but i guess it's not genetic.

dinner time.bday time(uncle rosman,sumone*sorry haha,abg fuad)

tick tok.tick tok.tick tok(aishah punye.haha)
it's time for home sweet home.
watched a funny+hilarious chinese movie before i went to bed.

ps:tahukah anda bowling versi melayu ialah bola golek.
aishah,jom main bola golek.hahaha

-the forgot to mention part-

i met this cutey little pwincess.
forgot to ask her name.hahaha
she was playing at my chair and so i picked her up.
the funny thing is,when my mom wants to play with her,
she refused.hahaha.poor mummy.

she drank some water in the plastic cup and bit it.
so,i gave her the bottle and squized it to make a sound.
she likes it.goody me.
oh.oh,i tried to give her some choc cake but dia x nak.
what kind of kid doesn't like choc cake????


Thursday, February 5, 2009

hello happy-sunshining-wonderful-magical day,apa khabar

went to pmc at 9.30am after breakfast.
went to rilek centre to take the test,n guess what.
i passed.hahaha(not to brag)

gosh,mummy gave me n caca these.
senyum besar sgt.
she sold her jewelleries and bought a pair of earings for her girls.
so thanx biggie much mummy.

next destination: ECM
mission: finding caca's bday gift

at last,i spent the money to buy her this beautiful white+black dress.
she's happy with it.mahal pn x pe la kn.
me too bought this pressie for me.haha
hadiah buat diri.for passing the test maybe.hahaha
ps:i'm totally broke.sooner akan masuk black list muflis.haha

oh.oh,i've got another pressie from deary mummy.
lagi senyum.lagi lompat.lagi peluk.

bought it at memory lane.
cantik bukan.jangan jeleous.(haha)
kamar taman bunga in the making.
just love the teddy scent.
lepas ni bgn tdo,bau bilik dulu.

so,that's why this is a happy-sunshining-wonderful-magical day.

ps:m going to bowling mega some game for daddy's staffs.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

water filling up,heart is sinking

well dear,
i'm saying goodbye

till then
be happy ok
i'll pray for it

sangat sayang
sangat cinta
mungkin esok depan
ya kan?

ps: do me a favour,eat. :)

bila syaitan jenguk blog aku

benci.semua dah berubah.
ape dah jadi.

how to revert it back to normal.

dinie pakar computer,bisa bantu?

Monday, February 2, 2009

catatan pendek

hey kau,
sini lah

kau pekak kah?
kau buta kah?

ah! aku rupanya

Sunday, February 1, 2009

kata dia,bonda benci.mari aku puisikan,biar suka.

bonda di sana benci aku
mahu apa lagi
harus apa lagi

aku minta
halalkan saja

maaf ya bonda
anak sundal ini
memanggil suka

bila semua yang ada cuma mati,dengar suara aku

pinjam aku naga sakti
buat perang kejam dunia
buat selamat anak kecil

di sana tu
di tanah jauh

boleh ya,
pinjam aku naga sakti
biar tuli bunyi segala
aku bingit