Wednesday, December 24, 2008

trip to bandung

bringing the lipgloss

yeah,i'm off to bandung this thursday(26th dicember).
tomorrow i'm going to kl n we'll stay at my bro's house.
da siap packing all the stuff.can't wait to board to bandung.
so kpd rakan2,x payah la nk call or msg yep.

to bandung,wait for me buddy!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008


please come today.
usah sembunyi lagi.
aku capet ni.

You are my sunshine
My only sunshine.
You make me happy
When skies are grey.
You'll never know, dear,
How much I love you.
Please don't take my sunshine away
The other nite, dear,
As I lay sleeping I dreamed I held you in my arms.
When I awoke, dear,
I was mistaken And I hung my head and cried.
You are my sunshine,
My only sunshine.
You make me happy
When skys are grey.
You'll never know, dear,
How much I love you.
Please don't take my sunshine away.
Please don't take my sunshine away.

(credits to sakinah yg telah mempostkn lirik ini di blognye.)


while i was gazing through my bunch of pictures,
this one caught my eyes.

twin sisters

die sgt2 althought she can turn my life a living hell

kamu salah satu bidadari cantek yang menari dalam alam saye.


Monday, December 22, 2008

smelly pillow.hahaha.

itu bantal busuk saye.

ya.ya.i know.i'm too old to have one 'bantal busuk'.hahaha
tp really.if i'm travelling somewhere,i always bring this baby
with me.kalo x de mcm x leh tido.
die sgt lembut.empuk.sgt selesa untuk melandingkn kepala.hee

i think i'm going to wash the pillow case coz da kotor.

sape ade bantal busuk,angkat kaki.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

sushi = mercury = CANCER

sushi.yum yum.

yesterday,i heard a shocking fact bout eating too much sushi.
ya.ya.i know sushis are delicious.
but when i watched E NEWS,there was this one actor suffering a disease(x taw la skt ape).
the doctor found out that there was an excessive amount of mercury inside his body
due to eating too much sushi.
i know.mcm immposible je kn.
n my bro added that the accumulation of mercury can lead to cancer.
don't know bout that fact.better check with your doctor.cewahhh.hahaha
but seriously.this thing can happen.

so.sushi's lovers out there,beware of this.
you dont want too much mercury flowing in your bloodstream right??
n ya.sorry bout the bad news.

take care of you health peeps.


transporter 3

this movie rocks my day

today,me,my bro n sis went to watch this movie at teruntum.
rase da lame x tgk crite transporter.
let me tell you this,this movie is really've got to watch it.
die ala2 james bond.action packed movie.superb!

we went there a lil bit late.time kitorg enter the cinema,movie da start.
there was this one couple sitting behind me.
the guy was like kicking my chair a few times.arrgghhh.geram gile.
i gave him the 'eye' signal.mungkin die terlalu lembab untuk memahami itu.haha
i told my bro bout that.i think the girl kicked my bro's seat.
orang kampung.x pena masuk cinema kot.macam tu la.(quoted from my bro)
really kampung.
hello ppl,we paid for the seat.RM 8 to be exactly.bkn sikit.
so we would like to watch the movie comfortably.ok.

so,kpd mereka2 ni whom i would call 'seat kicker',hahahaha
please stop it ok.dont simple waste ppls money paying for the ticket to get a
comfortable seat.
bare this in mind.

ini hot,hahaha.really

the hero of transporter.his body is god damn hot.
sorry james bond.i curang.hahahaha

saye pakai ini.
bought it from wardroberehab.



Friday, December 19, 2008

kisah semalam.

yesterday i went to pmc at berserah with my sis for the lecture thingy.
never thought the place is that far.mcm kat ofence.
we went to the stadium then the uncle drove us there.
laju juga si pak cik ni bwk.mcm mane la boleh jd driving instructor.

yesterday ramai org daftar,so we had to enter the add class.never mind la.
then kene tulis name n stuff.took our places.
all the ppl were strangers to me except for afiq n amal(tp die x knl pn.haha)
then ade test for colour blindess.thank god coz dpt 22/23.sbb there was
this one pic that i coud'nt really see the number.haiya.poor me.

after a few hours i think,ceramah tu pn strt.
an old chinese guy took charge for the morning session.
gile bosan denga die cite bout history n akta2.

then we took a break.since there was no place to eat other than the canteen,
kitorg trpksa la eat the food.sbb kene thn lpr till 5pm.huhuhu.
mknn die x sdp.n the seats are hurry up ppl.spe lmbt x de tmpt ddk.
n we even had to seat with stranger.hahaha.
oh.oh.i also met aresha n najwa.they were in the other class.

the next lecturer was old malay man.hahahaha.sorry's the fact.
die suke beno bg teka-teki.
one of it was antara polis m'sia n polis indon.spe lg tua.
kalo pandai jwb la.

later we went home wih the same uncle.gns la die drive.tkt ddk dlm kete tu.
then my dad picked us up at the stadium.

so now,my job is to do the reading thingy.
we were given a book to read n i also bought a book there.
psl cnth2 soalan.

study time.heeee

i wore this orange sunshine baju kurung. :)

buku ini perlu bace.
be my bff for these few days.okay!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

i'm getting married..WHOA

i'm getting married.
see the ring.

haha.kidding je.

last holiday,me my mom,bro n bro's gf went to ECM.
we accompanied my brother who was looking for an engagement ring.
so kitorg help him to choose a nice one la.
insyaallah this beautiful ceremony will take place next year.
can't wait to get another sis in law.

back to the story.
so kitorg dropped by this one shop.
that time ade sale.
there was a 70% discount for white gold.
while i was looking around,i saw this ring.
then saje la tanye mummy to buy it for me.
at first,i never thought mummy nk beli.
then mummy asked the salesperson to find the ring for my size. laen nk kawen,org laen beli cincin.that's what mummy said.
then mummy ckp pakai slalu.jgn tggl.jgn hilang.jage elok2.
hahaha.x kesa la.dpt cincin.

to make the day sunshinier, my bro blanje starbucks.
get to feed my temptation.thanx biggie bro!
top up senyum.

Rasa Yang Sementara

kalaulah aku punya sayap
kalaulah angin bawa terbang
ingin benar aku jadi Si Helang
di atas sana tu
di langit milik Dia

terbang bebas
rempuh awan

cuma aku harap
bila aku leka
mereka tarik aku
simpan kemas.


sape2 jumpa nyawa saye.
tlg plgkn.

dorky.geek.need to say more?

dorky site of me.

beastnye ade di sini
mane beautynya?
tuka gender yep.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

bad hair day

i'm kind of hating my hair which i used to love before.
my hair is losing the curls.
the curls mcm da loose.
dont know wut happen.
i've bought the moose which cost me RM35.there goes my money.
just like that.poof.
i applied it to my hair.but mcm x berkesan je.
feel like screaming.i can't sleep on sunday's nite i think coz i kept on thinking of my hair yg da damaged ni.
ppl help.have to do some damage control here.

the sad part is i spent quite a lot of money doing this digital perm.
n org tu ckp the hair will last till 3 to 5 months.
but now x sampai sebulan pn.haih.
rambot da burok.isk2..

now i'm wondering.should i make a complaint?
i want my hair back!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Driving,driving.wee :)

this morning me my sis n mom went to pmc to sign up for the driving lessons.
we went sumwhere near the stadium.
but rupe2nye die punye main office kat berserah.
so,me n my sis have to go to the stadium first,then from there the ppl will take us to berserah.
we will be listening to the boring lecture this thursday.
dunno how many ppl will be joining us.
at first igt nk buat esok but da penoh.haih.

bout the fees plak.
i was quite shock coz i never thought it would be that expensive.
sume skali(L + P) cost me RM1025 if i'm not mistaken.
because i have a twin that means double which is RM 2050.
gile la.sian my mom.
my mom had to pay RM 180 fisrt for one person.the balance byr later.
thank you mummy.

oh.oh.we also went to bakewell to buy sum cupcake stuff coz we ran out of them at home.
mcm2 la beli.tgh gila sakan wat cupcakes.
we bought many colours.can't wait to make the icing.
my mom again had to spent nearly RM 100 there.
fuhhh.nowadays everythg uses up a lot of money.
how i wish i have a money maker machine at home.hahaha
nnti i'll let sum of u tatse my cupcakes ok.
untill now i've had some great reviews.
org ckp sdp.weee. :)
wait for the cupcakes ok!

ok la.
that's it for today.


munajat cinta

tuhan kirimkanlah aku
kekasih yg baik hati
yg mencintai aku
apa adanya.

petikan lagu munajat cinta.
sgt2 puitis.

tuhan,kirim cepat ya.
aku makin parah.
tuhan,bantu aku cari dia.
teman aku tidur.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


wishing goodbye with a kiss.a sweet kiss.

: b thanx ye coz anta syg blk.sian b kene blk dlm hujan

dia: x pe.utk syg.trase mcm dlm filem hindustan plak maen dlm hujan.

cinta: :)

rindu.enough said.

Khusus buat orang asing

hey orang asing
kenapa berkata sundal
bernyanyi sampah

kau itu,
orang asing

tak perlu memuntahkan
benci kau ke mari
tak layak bagiku

simpan saja
bahasa keras kau itu
jangan harap
aku benar sampai hati.

nah kau si wordpower aka anon aka jerk aka world biggest major loser
kau nak sgt puisi utk kau kn.
aku dgn senang hati tunaikan permintaan kau tu.
telan la kau setiap patah perkataan ni.
simpan sampai kau mati yep.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bila malam itu,aku rindu kamu

malam itu hujan turun
aku sejuk,aku beku
sepi merayap bebas
memahkotakan diri
menjajah setiap suka

apa yang tinggal
cuma rangka tubuh
sisa gadis itu
gadis aku.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sepi (terlalu) indah untuk jadi realiti

baru tonton sepi.
indah sungguh karya kabir bhatia.
cerita ni penuh dgn romantisme,lost n L.O.V.E
tp syg,sekadar cerita.
spt tertera pada tajuk post,
sepi (terlalu) indah untuk jadi realiti.
cuma boleh bermain di alam imaginasi,alam mimpi.
ape2 pn,suke sgt dgn puisi sepi.
ingin juga aku bisik pada bulan,
aku sepi sendiri
mari teman aku.

Satu Harapan Pada Mungkin

mungkin satu hari nanti
kau terhenti berlari
kau toleh mencari aku
dalam serabut hidup
kau jerit cinta
apa yang kau rindu


aku tunggu
sampai mati.

Monday, December 8, 2008

manusia2 pembenci

aku x paham dgn sifat sesetgh manusia yg pnuh dgn kebencian.seakan2 benci tu genetic bg mreka2 ini.

kenapa ya kamu2 benci aku?
kerna aku bisa buat apa yg kamu blh buat?
sggh berhasad dengki kamu ya.

cuba pahamkn aku.
aku rase mcm lost je.
org laen dilynnye dgn pnh elok,molek.
tp aku ni mcm outkast je korang perlakukn.

aku plg x thn sbb manusia2 mcm korg ni kn mmg talam 2 muke.
dpn buat baek.blakang komfem korg dok kutuk2 aku kn.
dulu berteman rapat.skarang korg lyn aku mcm smpah je kn.
lumrah hidop.org2 kite mmg mcm ni kn.mcm kamu2.
ble da berjaye sket mulelah lupe diri.

di sini ingin sekali aku igtkn.
bakat yg kamu2 itu punya,bkn tuhan khaskan utk org2 mcm kamu je.
sedarlah sikit ya.
jgn bongkak sgt.nnti hilang nikmat yg kamu agung2kn tu.

berhentilah spreadkn virus benci korg tu ke aku.
korg x pnt ke huh?


kepade slh seorg drp mereka2 ni:
da lah kau rampas milik aku.
one of d most precious things in my life.
itupun kau masih x puas ati lg ngn aku.
dasar manusia yg x mahu bersyukur.
mintak maaf pn x.
apa lg yg kau nk?
aku da x ade ape2.
kau paham x!

sudahlah kamu2.
aku mahu padamkan kisah kita.
aku da puas hidop dlm kebencian korg.
aku ade dunia bahagia dgn org laen.
org2 yg syg aku.
org2 yg kasih aku.

aku x perlukan org2 mcm kamu ni berlingkar bebas dlm hidop aku.
membina byg2 utk aku hidop di sebaleknya.
ini hidop aku.dunia aku.
kamu2 sila pergi.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

cupcakes wonderland! wee :)

cutie cupcakes.
my sister in law brought them form kl.
sdp jugak.yg pntg comel.lawa.

now ony left one more je.
coz my bro da melantak most of it.
i've tasted one of x pe la.
later if i go 2 kl i'll buy some more.

btw,i'm in d process of learning how to
make these 'babies' :)
harap2 cpt blaja.

to friends,enjoy these pictures.
control your temptations ok.
coz these cutie cupcakes are not
available here.kalo nk pegi kl.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

buat kau yg ada di luar sana, ayuh pujuk aku.

cinta,jangan kau sedih
mari aku balut lukamu
biar aku nyanyi lagu gembira
jangan sedih ya sayang

aku ada
aku ada

janganlah sedih lagi.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Selamat Tinggal,Sayang

buat kekasih aku
ayuh aku dodoikan
puisi selamat tinggal
biar kau tidur lena

pejamkan matamu
mimpi yang indah
dengarkan gemersik itu
dendangan aku buat kau.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


off to tgganu 2morrow.


aku takut pada gelap.aku benci hari mendung.
wahai lilin,cahayakan malam gelapku.
jadilah matahari aku.cuma aku.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


tuhan,bantu aku tidur mlm ni
tnpa mimpi dia.

sye kene tag sama airin

1- Apakah benda yang paling penting dalam hidup kamu?

2-Apakah benda terakhir yang anda beli dengan wang sendiri?
sumthg to do with cupcake.dnt know wut it is called.

3-Dimanakah tempat perkahwinan impian anda?
tepi pantai. :)

4-Berapa lama anda rasa hubungan anda akan berkekalan?
tuhan je yg taw.

5-Adakah anda sedang di lamun cinta?
nta la.mgkn ya.mgkn x.

6-Di manakah restoran terakhir anda makan malam?
cant recall d name.

7-Namakan buku terakhir yang anda beli?
x igt la.da lame x mmbace.

8-Apakah nama penuh anda?
nasyiha kasyina bt mohamed nashir.

9-Namakan seseorang yang anda ingin jumpa untuk pertama kalinya dalam hidup

10-Anda lebih senang dengan mak atau ayah?
mummy kot.

11-Christina atau Britney?
due2 x nk.

12-Adakah anda mencuci pakaian sendiri?
mesin tlg cuci.

13-Tempat yang paling seronok anda mahu pergi

14-Pelukan atau ciuman?
sepakan x bley ke?

15- 8 perkara yang saya amat gilai
-denga lagu
-tonton tv

16- 8 perkataan yang sering di ucapkan
-biar betik

17- 8 buah buku yang terbaru di baca
-ps i love you
-ayat2 cinta
-buku rujukan bio
-buku rujukan physics
-buku teks sejarah
-buku rujukan agame
-buku nota
-majalah perempuan kot

18- 9 buah lagu yang boleh di dengar berulang kali
-i'm yours
-fall for you
-ayat2 cinta
-warwick avenue
-ku mahu kau tahu
-better in time
-kureng la bab2 lagu neh

19- 9 Perkara yang saya pelajari tahun lalu
-belajar bm
-belajar bi
-belajar math
-belajar chemistry
-belajar +math
-belajar physics
-belajar sejarah
-belajar buat cake
-belajar ponteng.ngahaha

20- Mangsa tag saya
-kpd sesape yg x de keje
-kpd sesape yg berminat

Monday, December 1, 2008

buat matahari,buat tuhan

aku cinta kau.aku syg kau.

tp kata kau x ada jodoh.bilaku tanya sayang?jawabnya tidak.seakan memberi kata putus kau mahukan perpisahan.meletak titik pada semua.mungkin benar tuhan x jadikan aku bulan untuk berpasangan dengan matahari segah kau.aku sedar.aku cuma pari2 yg patah sayapnya kerna mengejar cinta kau.pengemis buta barangkali.

payah untuk aku lepaskan ku fikir cukup sudah masa yg diperuntukkan tuhan buat aku.
kau milik gadis lain.gadis sana.bukan sekadar aku.cuma dipinjamkan tuhan buat aku.pergilah cari bulan kau.sayang bulan kau.cinta bulan kau.

aku lepas kau lari.aku dah penat.hati merengek masih mahu kau.masih cinta kau.cengeng sekali dengan jasad diberi tuhan ini x mampu terus tegar.kaki yag kupaksa terpacak ini makin hilang upayanya.aku rela jatuh tersungkur kerna ku fikir sudah cukup.semuanya harus ternoktah.


buat matahari,
terima kasih kerna sudi teman aku hidup.

buat tuhan,
terima kasih kerna tiupkan dia ke aku.untuk mengajar aku cinta.