Thursday, April 30, 2009

doing the winning dance for MU

watched le game this morning. so proud of MU
for winning :D

and,he's good and fast.
suke betol kejar bola.
main dari hujung pdg ke hujung pdg.
lots of stamina.

ps:they did attacked the goals many times but
only managed to score one goal.but at least they won!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

me and beattle equals CHAOS

went to pick up my P yesterday.
the most important thing was
banking in the money for le baby
oxfords :D

then,went strolling around.
bought some clothes for matrik.
and ca bought this huge-gigantic-
stripy travel bag.hahaha.funny.

oh well,i paid for the lunch today.
goody2 me.
we ate at hainan,nasi ayam.

and here comes the fun+scary moment.
after i bought the P stickers,i drove back
home from tunas manja.
almost hit a seriously dumbass
but,we made it home without a single
yey me :)))

Monday, April 27, 2009

old peeps,young girls

went to Lanjut,Rompin last wednesday.
stayed at serai beach & golf resort(kot,hahaha)

no horses seen as told by dearest mummy.
so no ride,just played at the beach.
the fun part was when watching the guys
playing fear factor game.
they were so hilariously funny.

le photos




the story of boring & fun trip.

my missing teddy bear

yey,passed the test.
i got P dy.

the day before walked to ECM from
stadium with ca.
guess what,voodoo thing happened.
i met my missing teddy bear,fi

we ate at black canyon(superb-delicious food)
at first i was supposed to treat mummy and ca
but then fafi's dad kind-heartedly paid for the
(pictures taken will soon be uploaded ok)

and so,i treated ca with this...

yummy :D

also,bought some DVDs,can't wait to make
some little time to watch them.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ps: i passed the test


i'm off to Lanjut this evening.
won't be back till saturday.
will miss you guys.

oh,i'll do some updates later.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

say i do and i'll be yours

read this one post at ahla's blog.
gosh,damn sweet.
feels like shedding some tears.

hopefully you guys get married soon
and produce(hahaha) some
cute-charming babies.

must watch this video.
i's a MUST

sophia heart jang

smell the ocean

gosh,very tired yet very happy yesterday.
went to the beach for assunta's and afzan's
the most fun part was when we acted like a child.
really,sand castle was built,we transformed
afiqah into an ugly-fat looking mermaid.
hahahaha.not yet finished the tail die da bangun.
so it's a bit abnormal.

then we ate food.
ahhhhh,so many delicious food.
:D me like food.

we also took a bunch of photos.
ohhh i envy those peeps with le hot cameras.
mummy,i want one!!!

ps:i gave le finger to a bunch of LOSERS at the beach.

lets travel to the island

guess what,i got matrix at penang.
gasp,sgt jauh.
but it is a nice place.i love penang.
the food,the beach,especially the food.

currently waiting for other offers.
scholarship,please come.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

gasp for the beauty

anybody please,get me one.

i watched are you smarter than a fifth grader
yesterday(no doubt my favourite game of all)
and there was this one contestant,her grandfather
invented this so called 'mood ring'

the colour of the crystal changes according to
your mood.
cool isn't it.
mummy,i want this so bad.

-the colour changes-
* violet blue - happy, romantic
* blue - calm, relaxed
* green - average, not much going on with you
* yellow/amber - tense, excited
* brown/gray - nervous, anxious
* black - cold temperature or damaged ring

dear star,please shine.

trip to UTP was very exhausting.
took 5 hours to reach there and 7 hours
to come back to kuantan.
imagine that.Sitting in the car for that
damn long freaking hours.

the accomodation was nice.
i shared room with ca as usual,
met a bunch of new friends.yey!

and the most fun part was visiting the
great-heveanly-built library.
gosh,i adore the library.
just wish there were novels in there,
then it would be perfect.

the hardest thing bout the journey,
should i say,the tests???
darn you people.
how could the asked physics,math and +math
qs.i dont mind the chem.heeee
so,i think i flunk them all.

the interview part was easy actually
except maybe for the case study.
i got corporate social responsibility.
but i think i did well :))
the interviewers were really nice.
they never provoked me at all.
i like them.hahaha.

so,i guess we'll just wait for the results then.

ps:i met my JPA interviewer at Temerloh rest area.
what a coincidence to meet at such place.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

hopefully there is rainbow up ahead

tomorrow i'm off to UTP for petronas
so,can't do any updates.
wish me a bucket of luck guys!

tagged again

Adakah anda suke blogging? Kenapa?

kind of.coz i can talk shit??'s fun.

Adakah anda menginginkan seseorang dalam hidup anda? yang boleh menemani dan menyayangi anda sepenuh hati? Dan siapakah orang itu?

yep.but not now.later maybe.someday :)

Taken or single? mana lagi bagus?

single.both also have their good side.depends on us how we want to take it.

Pernah tak cinta anda tidak dibalas?

yep.brad pitt sombong gile seh.ahaha

Ciri-ciri idaman gf/bf anda? Nyatakan 5

hot,loaded,young,athletic,romantic.i'm materialistic.hahaha

Pada umur berapakah anda akan merancang untuk berkahwin?


Nak berapa anak?

3 the most

5 orang bertuah yang anda ingin tag?

anyone will do :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

people who envy others are those who are not satisfied with themselves

sometimes,people just love to bug know,to dig into our life.
especially unsatisfied strangers.
i'm wondering why.

it's not like i've done any mistake
or bad things to this special stranger.

so please,bug off.
who cares if i have a moustache
you're not going to marry me right?
i'm sure you,yourself have flaws
(btw,i love my moustache,so it is not a flaw to me)

have some manner please.
respect others.

ps:your spelling of moustache is wrong.haha

honk,honk.make way for the giant beatle

woke up really early today and joined
mummy jogging at taman bandar.
i didn't know today is the world health
so,i'm supporting it in a way.

oh,oh,i drove mummy's car to taman
dang,it was quite scary coz the car
is like so giagantic and all.
but no scrath,i did it.
it was fun.
gosh it was much fun to drive auto
than manual coz the engine will
definitely not die.
i wonder why shapik 'loves'
his manual red old van.

Friday, April 3, 2009

finger crossed,praying for the best

last tuesday,went for the most important
interview of mua life(i'm exaggerating).

it did not went well as i hope it would have been.
STUPID me for not reading the newspaper.

ps: pray for me :)

he lives in a pineapple and under the sea

guess what,for the first and the last time of my life,
i went to jom heboh with mummy and ca.
gosh,the place was so stuffy and hot.
i wonder why those people 'love' to go there.

we ended up buying a bag of munchy's biscuits
and went out after 30 minutes.
felt like suffocating in there.

and ca,the 5 years old kid in the family,
begged mummy to buy captain
sponge bob for her.

one hell week

first and foremost,sorry for le empty update.
been busy and lazy(it rhymes.haha) lately.

program pendedahan kerjaya
location: HTAA

it was tiring but a little bit of fun.
at least i've got to watch new born babies
and dead body.

the fun part was when we all went to
KP to eat pizza for lunch.
(kong2,afiq,ah heng,nichelle,na,me,ca)
i want more.
tina,come back here.lets do it again.