Monday, June 22, 2009

my guardian angel

pernah kau rasa
kau jatuh tangga
tapi orang sambut?

pernah kau drive kereta
macam gila
tapi sempat elak divider?

pernah kau masak
entah apa-apa
tapi rasa macam sedap?

aku tahu kau ada
terima kasih
sang malaikat

ini gila.
ya.aku memang gila.:)))

Friday, June 19, 2009

selamat malam dunia

selamat malam dunia
aku mahu lelap
realiti aku hapus
mahu ke sana sebentar

aku bisik pada malaikat mimpi
tiup awan-awan biru ke mari
terbangkan rama-rama syurga
oh,jangan kau lupa
jemput matahari aku

selamat malam dunia
aku mahu lelap.

kadang-kadang aku naik hot air balloon
terbang ke sana.mahu ikut?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

movie marathon :)) fun,fun,fun

Last Saturday,me and ca went for a
movie marathon at gsc mega :)
it was fun,fun,fun :D
We watched blood:the last vampire
gosh,the actions were superb.
the thing i dislike about the movie
are the demons.that's it.
otherwise,the movie is great :)
Then, we watched 17 again.
awww,zac efron is super duper hot.
lol :D
the movie is funny+hilarious
should watch the movie guys :)
oh,i got my first ticket that day.
lol,i got parking ticket.
i was fined for not showing a valid
(the thing where you have
to scratch it).
and i also accidentally met aishah.
gosh i miss her :(
we couldnt talk much,she was in a
And it's time to go home.
overall,it was a fun day
with my twin sister

suke-suki :))))

Thursday, June 11, 2009

howdy bloggers :D
yesterday went to ECM with mummy and ca
the place was stuffed by some event going on.
sultan was there with his wife.
even the parking was :)
me and ca ate at black canyon.
delicious as always :))))
then,we bought groceries at carefour.
gosh,i really wanted to visit mango.
there were a bunch of sales there.
but no time dy.
before we went back,mummy bought some
bread at this new stall.
then she treated some kiddos.
lol.funny moment :)
that was it for yesterday.
later ppl.
-nana out-

Monday, June 8, 2009

up up and away :D weeee

olla.sorry for not updating for gosh so long time.
been seriously lazy these past few weeks.
prove(i've ate a lot.must've gained a massive a mount of weight.hahahaha :D )
just playing game on facebook with the new lappy.
my baby <3

so back to business,i'm off to aimst,kedah next month.hopefully.
going to study biotech.tough one.
but i'll survive :D

and firefly do fly me over to home
every holiday will ya :)

oh,and the baby oxfords has been ordered.
will be here at the end of this month.
you better be pretty and fit me.
i've been waiting long enough.

ps:dnt miss me now.will be home for another